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Pain & Injury Treatment

Monica Legatt has practiced acupuncture in Seattle for over 16 years successfully helping patients to heal from injuries and find relief from chronic pain. To make an appointment call (206) 625-1374.

Women's Healthcare

Monica has extensive education and clinical experience in the areas of fertility, obstetrics and gynecology. She has worked with thousands of women to overcome gynecological problems and to conceive..

What Our Patients Say

"After years of chronic migraines and lower back pain I was desperate for relief. Monica's acupuncture yielded pain relief that went far beyond anything I ever expected." -Shea

"As a runner, I struggle with IT Band Tendonitis. I have seen physical therapists and massage therapists and only received results with Monica at the Seattle Acupuncture Clinic. With her treatments I am able to continue running. I highly recommend!" -Briana

"Before I got pregnant I went to see Monica: I am really glad I did. I became pregnant after starting acupuncture and I had weekly treatments throughout the first trimester. I believe it made all the difference for me: I experienced an uneventful pregnancy for the first time and my son Nicholas was born January 2010!" -Deb

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Seattle Acupuncture & Holistic Health
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The Medical Dental Building
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