Insurance & Billing Info

Downtown Seattle Acupuncture & Massage accepts patients with insurance from:

  • Aetna US Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • First Choice
  • Group Health Alliant Plus
  • Pacificare
  • Great West
  • Regence Blue Shield
  • Acupuncture In-Network Benefits
    Massage Out-Of-Network Benefits
  • United Health Care
  • Uniform Health Plan
  • Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accident cases

Massage Therapy Prescriptions

If your insurance requires a prescription for massage, you may obtain one from our in-office acupuncturist Monica Legatt, your physician, physical therapist, naturopath or chiropractor.

Cash Rates

Please call the office at (206) 383-9921 for our current cash rates.

Why did I receive a bill?

If you are using health insurance, the only payment required at the time of your appointment may be copay. Patients are sent a bill if their insurance company determines that they owe deductible, co-insurance, or if there is a non-covered service or amount. Our office does not determine how much you owe or why: this is determined by your insurance company and explained on your EOB (explanation of benefits). TOP

What are copays, deductibles, co-insurance and non-covered services/amounts?

A copay is a set amount that you pay at the time of your treatment. For example, $20.

A deductible is a set yearly dollar amount you will owe toward the cost of your medical care before your insurance company will begin to pay. For example, if you receive $300 of treatment from our office and you have a $500 yearly deductible that has not been met, you will owe our office $300 of deductible after the insurance company processes the claims (bills) for your treatments.

Co-insurance is a percentage of your medical services that you owe. For example, if your insurance pays acupuncture services at 80%, then for every $100 of treatment you receive you will owe our office $20 of co-insurance, or 20% of $100.

Non-covered services or amounts are determined by your insurance company. For example, if your insurance pays for 12 treatments yearly and you have had 13, your insurance company will deny paying the 13th visit as a non-covered amount because your coverage was exhausted at 12 visits and you will receive a bill for the non-covered amount. TOP

How was the amount I owe determined?

Your insurance company determines both the coverage (typically called benefits) of your particular insurance plan as well as the allowed payable amounts for acupuncture and massage services. Downtown Seattle Acupuncture and Massage sends you a bill based upon an EOB (explanation of benefits) that is sent by your insurance company to both our office and to you. You will receive your EOB either via US mail or e-mail: it has information explaining what amount you owe, and whether it is co-insurance, deductible, or a non-covered amount. TOP

I can't find my EOB or I still don't understand why I owe a balance: what should I do?

If you can't find your EOB from your insurance company it is usually available online. You can also call customer service and have the representative explain to you the details of what you owe and why for the date of treatment in question. The customer service rep can send you a hard copy of your EOB for your records upon request. TOP

I don't agree with the determination of what I owe by my insurance company: what can I do?

Every insurance EOB includes instructions on how to appeal a decision made by your insurance company regarding how your claim was processed. Patients can also appeal directly to the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner by going to:  TOP

For details please contact or call 206-383-9921.