Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Fertility Testimonials

Read what our clients have said about us.

"My husband and I were trying for over a year to get pregnant without success. I was seeing an acupuncturist at the time but nothing was happening. We both starting seeing Monica and within 3 months, I was pregnant! Now we eagerly await the birth of our first child."


"Monica paved the way for my first successful IUI with 3 months of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. My first pregnancy resulted in a missed miscarriage (not uncommon). Though heartbreaking Monica was there treating the pain with acupuncture and herbs when no other Western Medicine helped. The medical community is centuries behind when it comes to patient aftercare. But a year later we achieved success following 3 months of acupuncture when none of the Western fertility solutions could achieve this for me including injections, HSG, and 10 IUI's. Monica never lost hope even when we did. She assured me if there were any red flags to our success she would know. Her positive attitude and faith in my ultimate success gave me the strength to try again. We feel we owe our lovely perfect wonderful daughter to her."

-Nicole W.

"I found out I was pregnant February 2007. My husband and I were thrilled. Sadly I lost that pregnancy at 15 weeks. We were devastated. After a few months I fell pregnant again but sadly it was an ectopic pregnancy and we had to terminate it. We then tried for about a year without success. Finally 13 months after my last loss I realized I was expecting once again but again I suffered another miscarriage. About this time I learned from a friend with fertility issues that she was able to conceive and carry a full term pregnancy after undergoing acupuncture treatment. So even before I got pregnant for a 4th time I went to see Monica. I am really glad I did. I fell pregnant a lot quicker after I started acupuncture and I had weekly treatments throughout the first trimester. I believe it made all the difference for me. I experienced an uneventful pregnancy for the first time and my son Nicholas was born January 2010! "

-Deb D.S.

"Before working with Monica I saw other acupuncturists to help with fertility issues but I did not develop confidence in their treatments. As soon as I began to work with Monica I knew I had found the right practitioner. She was always compassionate and professional and her treatments gave me immediate relief of various symptoms and challenges. Monica was a great help to me in my process of having babies, in preparing my body for the conception of my two children, and also with preparing for labor and delivery, and with post-partum healing. I cannot recommend her highly enough. "

-Laura S.

"Three years ago my husband and I decided to try and have a baby. I had never been pregnant before and I was very close to turning 30 so I had no idea how long it might take. I was already seeing Monica for other issues so I figured I might as well boost up my fertility while I was at it. Three months later I came home with the news that we were going to have a little baby of our own. Everything went really smoothly throughout my pregnancy until the very end.

Ten days before my due date I found out that my baby was Frank Breech. I was panicked, this was a total shock to us. I called Monica as soon as I left the doctor's office which at the time was very close to closing on a Friday night. Monica explained that because of how far along I was that the chances of turning the baby in time were low but she still saw me and she even did it on her own time. She went way beyond the call of duty to help me out. Unfortunately I went into labor the next day before we could get the baby moved. I had to have a c-section after all but I will never forget what she did for me and how caring she was. She did a great job and now I have a wonderful healthy three year old daughter.

Thank you Monica!"

-Lisa S.

"Dear Monica,

During my stay in Seattle last December you treated me for my endometriosis while I was in between cycles for IVF treatment. You also prescribed some Chinese herbs for me to take with me when I returned to France. Well, I have great news and want to extend to you my deepest appreciation for all of your help.

My CA125 (blood test marker for endometriosis) dropped from the 300's down to the 50's. I think the benefit of the acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs are difficult to dismiss. My IVF cycle resulted in a positive, and as of today, I am seven weeks pregnant, complete with healthy measurements and a strong heartbeat on ultrasound.

I really think that your help in reducing my endometriosis has been a significant factor to the success of this IVF treatment. Thank you very much! "

-Suzanne R.

"I started seeing Monica toward the end of my infertility journey. I had been on clomid for a long while and wasn't getting great results. We started doing IUIs and I wanted to do everything I could to insure the best result. My trips to see Monica were the highlight of my day. I had never had acupuncture before. It was amazingly calming. I was so tied up in knots from everything we had been through trying to have a baby and the acupuncture really helped me to take some time to relax and clear my mind.

Shortly after I started seeing Monica we decided to move forward with IVF (in-vitro fertilization). It had been a long road and we discovered I had more issues beside ovulatory issues and that our best shot was IVF. At the beginning of our journey I said I wouldn't go that route, but when faced with that as our best option we went for it. I consulted Monica about our new plan and she worked up a plan to help with stimulation and preparation for transfer. I had an amazing result. Not only did the treatments help me to stay calm (which I think was immensely helpful), but I had fabulous response to the drugs. They harvested plenty of eggs and we got good embryos as a result. I now have 3.5 year old twins and definitely credit Monica's help in that success. "

-Laura M.

"In my opinion Monica is the absolute best acupuncturist out there. I have seen her for a number of different reasons over the years and she has helped me a great deal.

For example... I had years of infertility, saw other acupuncturists and even had a failed IVF. After seeing Monica for just 3 months, my menstrual cycle completely changed, I felt better, had more energy and GOT PREGNANT after having a frozen embryo transferred!! I have referred many friends to her for fertility issues and they have all had success. She is not only great at what she does, but she is so dedicated to her patients. A few months into my pregnancy, I began to bleed heavily and e-mailed her on Christmas day to let her know what happened. She immediately called me back, left her family dinner (on CHRISTMAS!!!) to meet me at her office for a treatment. And thanks to her, I had a healthy little boy. Seriously I can't recommend her enough. "

-Laura V.

"In May 2008, I started receiving fertility treatments from Monica. I was only starting to get serious about fertility treatments via acupuncture. All I knew was that my husband and I had been "casually" trying to get pregnant for years and thought that a pregnancy might be off the table for us.

In early May 2008, we began the fertility treatments. Monica also worked with me to develop a plan to monitor my temperature daily and to chart my cycle using web based charting tools she had access to. July 1, 2009, we had a positive pregnancy test. I genuinely believe that Monica's treatment had a direct impact on my ability to get pregnant. I continued to see Monica sporadically throughout my pregnancy to help ensure the pregnancy went well without complications, which it did. At the end of my pregnancy, my due date came and went and I was getting antsy, so again, I turned to Monica for treatment to help induce labor. Sure enough, 24 hours after treatment, my water broke.

I would strongly recommend Monica as an acupuncture service provider. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind and compassionate. "

-Lisa Y.

"When I began acupuncture for fertility my cycles were short because I was ovulating quite early since ceasing birth control. After the first treatment my cycle was a full 5 days longer before I ovulated which would have made my cycle a normal 28-day length were it not for getting pregnant that same cycle. Additionally, the acupuncture treatment for my thyroid was made in conjunction with starting a synthroid medication, which is now regulated. I'm sure all of these things helped to support a very quick pregnancy."

-K. Flemming

"I came to Monica for help with extremely irregular cycles and ovulation. I was trying to get pregnant, but was having difficulty; I didn't ovulate until day 45-55 of every cycle, and had been unable to conceive. The first month of acupuncture with Monica, I ovulated on day 19 instead, and successfully got pregnant that month. We now have a healthy, active toddler as a result! Monica has a warm, caring demeanor combined with expertise on fertility issues, and I would recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility. "

-Name withheld for privacy

I have always had irregular periods and was concerned about the possibility of ever getting pregnant when the time came in my life that I wanted to start a family. I asked each new doctor I saw throughout my late teens and 20's and they all shrugged off my concern, didn't give a good answer, and didn't seem to care. This was very upsetting! So when my husband and I decided it was time to try getting pregnant, I knew that Western medicine was going to be the last resort. My husband had previously seen Monica for back pain and I had heard that acupuncture is good for infertility, so we decided to give it a try and I made an appointment to see her. Monica was so caring and took the time to explain what she was doing since this was all so new to me. I really looked forward to my appointments and enjoyed the time to relax. She suggested two kinds of Chinese herbs that I took at different times during my cycles. I was already charting my temperatures and could see a noticable difference after starting the herbs! After 3 months of acupuncture treatments and herbs, my cycles became regular. Four months later, I'm pregnant!!


Note: Renae wrote this to us shortly before the birth of her baby after receiving treatment for breech fetal position: The baby turned! Hurray! We are so relieved! Acupuncture worked for me again. Wow! Thank you!

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