Morton’s Neuroma/Metatarsal Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is inflammation, thickening, or enlargement of the nerve between the bones of the toes (metatarsal bones). The condition is also called intermetatarsal neuroma. The thickening is usually found between bones of the third and fourth toes of the foot, but sometimes it may develop between the second and third toes. It occurs when the medial plantar nerve near the bones of those toes becomes compressed or irritated, possibly because the metatarsal bones press against the nerve in the narrow gap between the toes.

Morton’s neuroma can cause a sharp, burning, or shooting pain between the toes that often gets worse over time. The pain becomes worse when a person walks or stands on the ball of the foot.  Sometimes the pain reaches the toes next to the neuroma and a sensation of tingling or numbness is felt.  Acupuncture is an effective treatment for alleviating the pain, numbness and tingling sensations that occur with neuroma.  

Acupuncture can also reduce inflammation and swelling in the foot and between the toes allowing the neuroma to diminish in size.  Regular acupuncture treatments in combination with rest can heal a Morton’s neuroma.