SI Joint/Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction

The sacroiliac (SI) joints sit between the sacrum and the iliac bone (thus the name “sacroiliac” joint). You can see these joints as two small dimples on each side of the lower back.  The SI joint is held together by several large ligaments.  The primary function of the joint is to be a shock absorber and to provide just enough motion and flexibility to lessen the stress on the pelvis and spine.  The symptoms of SI joint dysfunction are pain and inflammation in the joint and surrounding region.

Common causes of SI joint dysfunction are arthritis and trauma such as a car accident or sports injury.  Acupuncture can reduce inflammation and pain in the SI joint, and also around the SI joint including the ligaments and muscles that attach to the SI joint.

Acupuncture can significantly decrease the recovery time from an SI joint injury and expedite the healing process by increasing blood and energy (chi) flow to the joint.