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Sprained Ankle | Seattle Acupuncture & Holistic Health | Monica Legatt

Sprained Ankle

One of the most common injuries in sports is the sprained ankle. A sprain is the overload and/or tearing of a ligament of ligaments. Ligaments are bands of fibrous tissues that connect bone to bone and support and strengthen the joints. A sprain occurs when the joint is stretched beyond its normal limits.  

Ankle Sprain symptoms include acute pain to ankle,  ankle swelling, discoloration to the injured area after a day or two and an  inability to bear weight on the sprained ankle.  Acupuncture will help a sprained ankle to heal much faster by reducing local swelling and inflammation and increasing the flow of blood and energy (chi) to the area.  

Acupuncture will also reduce the pain associated with a sprain thereby allowing the patient to get back on their feet and bear weight on the leg.