Injury Testimonials

Read what our clients have said about us.

Back Pain & Hip Pain Post-Surgery

I had a spine fusion surgery in January 2012. The operation was satisfactory in terms of off-setting stenosis, but not so much for alleviating back and hip pain, unfortunately.  I cannot stand still for more than one hour without experiencing back pain. I finally sought help from Monica last fall… I am so glad I did! The intensity of the pain has decreased tremendously for as long as I see Monica every two-to- three weeks. When the interval gets longer, I start noticing the pain more frequently and intensely. One thing people have to keep in mind, though, is that acupuncture is not a magic or a quick fix to whatever the symptoms you have.  It takes time for your body to undergo biological changes. But once it starts happening, you do feel as if it is magic!

So…why Monica?  I say because she is focused on treatment. You’d say, “Isn’t that what all therapists do?” No. I mean, she really cares about YOU. She is also very confident with her skills and most importantly, she cares about what she does. I also believe that you need to create a positive relationship with your therapist for the treatment to work.  That’s why I encourage you to talk to Monica and find out for yourself. Happy healing!


Knee Pain

I was in a car accident while on vacation which gave me a terrible bone bruise on my knee.  It hurt to walk or just bend my knee.  It wasn’t getting any better until it was treated with acupuncture by Monica.  I’ve been treated by Monica for other things and already was impressed by her thorough approach to treating her patients.

Her evaluation is focused on you and your needs and she does everything to get you back to the place you want to be.  After every treatment, my knee felt significantly better and within a few weeks, I was back to normal.  She advised me on things to do on my own to speed up recovery, and paired her acupuncture with electrostimulation therapy.  She also recommended some amazing Chinese Herbal Medicine pads to help with blood flow and overall recovery.

Her realistic positivity is so helpful in the healing process, and I was so amazed at the recovery my knee has made within a few short weeks of seeing her.  Monica is dedicated to her patients and her work, always explaining her overall process so you understand her approach.  I truly feel like I have found an advocate with Monica.  Thank you!!


Torn Meniscus, Leg Pain, Nerve Impingement

I came to Monica after 6 months of lower leg pain that nobody could figure out what was going on. After knee surgery on my torn meniscus the pain increased to where I couldn’t drive for more than 5 miles. I then was re-diagnosed and found out that I had a pinched nerve in between my hamstrings and after only three treatments with Monica the pain has gone away and I can now drive again. Monica paid very close attention to how I was feeling and was able to relieve my pain: I’m so grateful to her and plan a follow up visit soon.

-Dave Swanson

Low Back Pain, Foot Pain, Leg Pain, Joint Pain

What Monica has done for my physical well-being is nothing short of amazing. All pain and soreness issues I’ve had have been greatly diminished if not fully eradicated by her acupuncture treatments.

In addition to her great skill and knowledge of her craft, Monica's warmth and thoughtfulness go a long way in making any patient feel comfortable and at ease

-Chris P.

Acupuncture for Torn Rotator Cuff

In November I dislocated my shoulder and tore my rotator cuff. It was a complete tear and required surgery. Physical therapy was brutal and I would wake up several times a night from pain despite what I did. I went into see Monica and I didn’t know what to expect. As she placed needles on both sides of my body she explained the flow of energy. Then she hooked the injured side to electrical stimulation. It was the most amazing thing: the first night I slept without waking up to take pain medication, and after the third visit I no longer needed anything stronger than Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I am forever grateful to Monica for knowing just what I needed.


Acupuncture for Low Back Pain, Neck Pain & Flexibility

"As a retired ballet dancer, I have suffered through a lot of lower back and neck pain as I age. I still enjoy taking ballet class and the treatments I receive from Monica have not only helped to relieve the chronic pain, but also are helping to restore some of the flexibility I have lost over the years. Monica’s background in dance is an added plus as she understands dancers, and athletes for that matter.

"Monica is very thorough in her assessments at visits, going over current conditions and keeping track of progress made from past visits. She explains the treatment plan for the session and the reasoning behind the placement of needles as well as the larger, long-term needs and benefits of the treatment plan.

"I would recommend Monica to anyone seeking acupuncture, particularly those who are dealing with sports-related (or dance-related) issues. She is thorough and thoughtful and I really value what her treatment has given me back in terms of my ability to still be able to dance and enjoy doing so."


Acupuncture for Knee Pain/Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injury

"All I have ever heard about knee injuries is how lengthy and painful they are with little to no hope for full recovery. When I hurt my knee, the day after I went to go see Monica for acupuncture and my pain went from a level 9 pain to a 4. It was almost instantaneous. Knowing that she has this ability to help has completely given me confidence in a full recovery. I know with her guidance + acupuncture she is helping me recover without painkillers and other typical Western medicine methods. My only regret is that not everyone knows what acupuncture can do for their injuries and specifically knees."

–Jonina S.


Acupuncture for Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Impingement

"I suffered a rotator cuff impingement, and physical therapy wasn't helping -- in
fact, it seemed to make it worse. I decided to try acupuncture, and the results were
really surprising. After 3 treatments, I recovered movement in my shoulder, and the
pain greatly decreased. Six treatments later, my shoulder feels fantastic, and it functions
normally again. It's been a great way to heal and recover."

-Mike S.

Acupuncture for Foot Pain & Heel Pain

"After having intense heel pain from running and hiking for about six months I started receiving acupuncture treatments. I've been an avid runner for 20 years (3-4 runs per week) and found myself unable to run more than once or twice a week due to deep heel pain. I tried acupuncture after reading an article in a national magazine and having several friends tell of successful acupuncture treatments. I found that acupuncture combined with massage greatly eased my pain and has allowed me to start increasing the frequency and length of my runs. I would strongly suggest acupuncture as one way of healing/easing heel or general foot pain."

-T. Mitchell

Acupuncture for Knee Pain & Torn ACL

"Last winter I totally obliterated my knee in a skiing accident. With a torn ACL and badly stretched medial collateral ligament, I couldn't put weight on it. I didn't have proper medical insurance to make surgery an option and I wanted to try a less invasive method to my healing. A friend suggested that I call Monica for an acupuncture treatment. After the first visit I could tell it had helped. After three visits I felt an enormous improvement in the pain relief and mobility. I recommend it!"

-S. Jaeger


Acupuncture for Cartilage Loss in Joint Causing Bone Collision & Foot Pain

"As a tennis player and tennis teaching professional my joint health is essential to my ability to stay employed! I went to a podiatrist who misdiagnosed a " foot injury " and wanted to perform surgery which included cutting out part of my sesamoid bone.

"Luckily, I went to see an acupuncturist who evaluated me through a thorough physical exam and was able to tell that I had lost cartilage in my joint, which caused a bone collision - which lead to inflammation. After my first treatment I was feeling 80% better.

"After my 3rd appointment I was 100%. The acupuncturist explained that my healing process involves better circulation and a natural anti-inflammatory diet along with his deep tissue massage of the foot and the surrounding area from the knee to the calf which would all play a part in better health and functionality of my joints. I recommend acupuncture to all of my students, colleagues in the tennis profession and family members."

Mark Schneider
USPTA Professional
Tennis Instructor

Acupuncture for Hip, Back & Shoulder Pain

I am your stereotypical office-bound weekend warrior athlete who finds challenges in both my chronic sports injuries and stress levels. I manage both of these things with acupuncture as well as exercise, yoga, pilates, chiropractic and massage. I feel that the common thread between my stress and many of my injuries is that I have muscle tension that I cannot quite let go of. Acupuncture is one method by which I can specifically alleviate tension and pain in my shoulders, hips and back while reducing my need for pain medication.